14 must-read books for spring 2020

by Newsfeed

If ever there was a time when books could bring some calm and comfort, this is it. You may not be able to buy books in a store, so order online and hunker down. Spring’s most anticipated titles span non-fiction, memoir and fiction. It’s not necessarily the lightest reading some might hope for, but it’s what we think is the some of the best on the horizon.

1. All I Ask by Eva Crocker (Anansi)

Eva Crocker’s pedigree is impressive (she is the daughter of author Lisa Moore) and the buzz is huge for this story probing a new generation that’s paradoxically anxious and fearless at the same time. When Stacey is busted and her computer is seized by cops looking for illegal digital material, her world changes dramatically. She’s been living with a false sense of freedom, with few boundaries when it comes…

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