5 Black wellness experts share how they practice self-care

by Newsfeed

After a tumultuous year, making time to prioritize your mental and physical health feels particularly important.

But for Black women, self-care is essential, said Yasmine Jameelah, founder of Transparent and Black, a wellness collective created to help Black people heal from intergenerational trauma.

“We are nothing to anyone if we can not pour into ourselves first, and let our self-care overflow and extend to others as communal care,” Jameelah said. “Black people are isolated at home fighting two pandemics: racism and COVID-19. And the traumatizing videos that we’ve had to sit with make self-care crucial, now more than ever.”

Of course, self-care can mean many different things. Some people turn to a meditation practice, while others may find comfort in a daily skincare routine. That’s why Shop TODAY asked five Black…

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