5 States May Legalize Cannabis This November

by Newsfeed

The future of cannabis is indeed looking bright in the US. So far, 33 states have already legalized medicinal cannabis — of them, 11 states have legalized recreational use as well — with another 5 potential states on the way. 

Namely, Arizona is one of these states that will decide whether or not to legalize cannabis this November. 

With the support of cannabis producers and retailers, as well as firms operating in the medical cannabis industry, cannabis legalization in this state has much better odds than some four years ago. Hence, if Proposition 207 is approved, 21-year-olds and over will be able to possess, consume, and carry up to 1 ounce of cannabis. 

New Jersey is yet another state that could potentially join the club this November. 

South Dakota, on the other hand, will vote both for medical and…

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