90-Day CBD Challenge Review. Can I Really Start A CBD Business From Home?

by Jay Ott

In my 90-Day CBD Challenge Review I will cover, what the 90 Day CBD Challenge is and whether or not it can help you build a CBD Business online.

You can create your Free 90-Day CBD Challenge account here http://themillionaireascent.com

First of all lets start with what the 90-day CBD Challenge is. The 90-day CBD Challenge is the brainchild of Chris Record and Peter Sorenson, these two guys have made millions online over the last decade, plus. Their last adventure was a 90 day E-Com Challenge where they referred thousands of people to Shopify and can boast receiving the largest ever monthly affiliate cheque Shopify has ever issued.

The 90-day CBD Challenge is actually a marketing system for a really popular CBD Network Marketing Company called HempWorx but it doesn’t stop there. I have been going over the website for the past 2 days and I can honestly say that in my 6+ years of online business I have never seen anything like it.

You can create your Free 90-Day CBD Challenge account here http://themillionaireascent.com

Now, you are probably wondering, “how much is this 90 day cbd challenge going to cost me?” Answer.. to unlock all of the videos and training’s within the 90 day challenge you need to be at the Executive level in HempWorx which works out to about 400 BV and you will need to set your monthly autoship to 100 BV. For some of you this may be a stretch but as of right now I am pretty sure you will still have access to the 90- day CBD challenge however certain portions of it will be locked (sad face)

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