A GROWING CONCERN: Work today, lawn tomorrow

by Newsfeed

SO HERE WE are — full bore into June with the official start of summer, June 28 at 5:43 p.m., less than two weeks away.

Right now you and your lawn mower cannot stay away from your grass.

Since the stay at home order has lifted, you might not be noticing the
condition of your lawn as much.

But just so you know, the perfect American lawn is an unattainable myth we pursue due to the societal mindset of our particular culture, and with this year’s impending dilemma, it could be a disastrous pursuit as well.

A low trimmed lawn actually causes the grass to look and grow poorly.

If you are to have any chance at achieving a nice lawn, you must first mow at a proper height of
2¼ inches or higher.

This will also conserve vast amount of moisture lost to sun and wind-caused evaporation.

When the grass is…

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