Apartment Complex, Tow Company Accused of ‘Legal Theft’ – CBS Denver

by Newsfeed

DENVER (CBS4)– A Vietnam veteran living in a Denver apartment complex says his car was legally stolen by a towing company, then sold out from under him without him having any idea of what had happened until months later.

“I don’t think I was treated fairly,” said James Zarsky, 72, a Navy veteran who is disabled and can only walk with a cane.

James Zarsky (credit: CBS)

He calls what happened to him an example of “predatory’ towing.

Zarsky is one of a growing number of Coloradans complaining about towing companies. State records show complaints filed against towing companies are on the rise for the third year in a row.

However, Zarsky’s case shows how towing companies and apartment complexes work together, sometimes leaving residents without their vehicles and without adequate warning of what is about to…

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