Are CBD Labels Accurate? Too Many Brands Are Misleading Consumers, Studies Show

by Newsfeed

Product mislabeling is still a problematic issue across the CBD industry, according to recent studies.

Earlier this month, Leafreport posted results from a test of 22 infused beverages from 20 popular brands.

The brand review website found that 54% of the products contained less CBD than advertised.

“Point being, it takes more work to produce accurate, high-quality CBD beverages than CBD oils,” the report stated. “And as we can see from these results, most companies are not putting in that extra work.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) also conducted a study of CBD products. Of the 31 products it tested for cannabinoid content, 21 products listed their CBD per serving information on the packaging.

“Of these 21 products, seven products (33 percent) contained CBD within 20 percent of the…

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