Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Inks Distribution Deal with Cheech Marin’s ‘Cheech’s Stash CBD’

by Newsfeed

“I am excited to share these wonderful CBD products that my family and I have carefully curated,” Cheech Marin says about his CBD Line. “We love these products for our own use and think others will believe the same.”

The deal was created and negotiated by Barrett LaRoda of Ayurvedic and Lisa Marcus CEO of GLE Brands Inc, Marketing and PR Director for the Cheech brand.

“We are very happy to enter into this agreement with Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical,” Marcus states. “They recognize the quality and potential benefits of our CBD products and are dedicated to making them available to as many consumers as possible.”

CBD Hemp, or cannabidiol, is a natural remedy that alleviates common ailments such as pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, and enhances the quality of sleep without any psychoactive effects, supported by…

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