Ballot Question 2B would legalize recreational pot and grow houses

by Newsfeed

Once and for all.

It sounds like it means forever. That the matter is closed.

That’s what retired Consulting Civil Engineer Larry Von Thun and his wife Jane thought in 2014 when they took part in a battle at the ballot box to oppose recreational marijuana sales and grow facilities in Lakewood. The city’s mayor at the time was Bob Murphy, and when the issue of the sale of recreational pot came up, he threw it to the people to answer on Election Day — to figure out what the voters of Lakewood wanted, “once and for all.”

But “forever” rarely is … forever, especially in politics. So the Von Thuns and the rest of Lakewood recently found out that the fight over cannabis in Lakewood is still smoldering. The latest flare-up is Ballot Question 2B, which will be on the ballot of every Lakewood resident. It…

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