Bootleg Big Brother Is Here To Narrate Yr Self-Isolation Madness

by Newsfeed

As we slowly descend into complete and utter madness in self-isolation, it is beginning to feel like we’re in a really dull season of Big Brother. So naturally, we felt the need to produce our very own bootleg Big Brother with the help of the show’s narrator Mike Goldman.

It’s been nearly a month without any external social interaction for Pedestrian.TV’s Lucinda Price and Jordan Coles, and frankly, they’re beginning to lose their mind. Thankfully, Big Brother’s Mike Goldman is here to narrate their daily lives as their remaining brain cells turn to mush.

After showing off their isolation cleaning efforts in their respective apartments, Lucinda and JC are called to the Bootleg Big Brother diary room for their first challenge.

Lucinda and JC battle it out in Bootleg Big Brother’s Mi…

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