Broom weed becomes looming fire hazard concern in Paradise – Paradise Post

by Newsfeed

PARADISE — A growing infestation of a fast-growing plant known as broom weed is becoming a major concern for the 2020 fire season in Paradise.

Broom weed infestations are widespread in the town due to a quick growth of weeds that got started in the warm, dry spring — made worse by lessened weeding due to late season rains, Paradise Mayor Greg Bolin said. And it is considered the responsibility of property owners to clear the weed and prevent the growth and spread of the fire hazard throughout the town.

Paradise Fire Safe Council chairman and resident Jim Broshears said “We have a big problem and we know it,” in the most recent State of the Town meeting in Paradise, July 7.

“All of the cover got burned off of (the ground),” Broshears said. “The tree canopy was taken away and a whole new series of weed,…

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