Burlington, Vermont Things to Do: Best Places for Food, Beer & More

by Newsfeed

If you’re an outsider, you probably associate Bernie Sanders, Phish, Ben & Jerry’s, maple syrup, and great skiing with Vermont. That’s cool. You might have even heard that we have one tiny town that has produced 11 winter Olympians — a little bit of an anomaly, sure, but we are full of anomalies. For one, we just got a Target. Our first, and probably our last, because most major chain stores like Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn fail here. Vermonters would rather shop local and support the little guys. 

That’s a major part of what makes a trip to the Green Mountain State so spectacularly unique: Surrounded by vast forests of the Northwestern wilderness, nearly everything here is something you can only experience in Vermont. It’s perhaps the most singular state in the union. 

Vermont is precisely as you’d…

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