Can we really supplement our way to better skin?

by Newsfeed

The way we look after our complexion is changing. Kelsey Ferencak explores why we’re no longer just relying on topical products like serums, lotions or creams but looking at what’s feeding us from the inside. 

The ingestible-beauty category got off to a slow start when The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates put her bio-fermented powder out to market, with the philosophy that “beauty begins in the belly”. It seemed that consumers were unsure of how the purple powder could do anything for the appearance of their skin.

Fast forward just over 10 years and today you’d be hard pressed to find a skincare or wellness routine that doesn’t include some kind of supplemental booster in the form of nutraceuticals like functional foods, pills, powders, gummies and liquids.

From collagen to fatty acids, vitamins, minerals,…

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