If you want to get high and cook delicious Marijuana recipes without wasting your precious weed then keep reading…

Too many people, especially beginners and even the occasional expert chef, are often confused about cooking and baking with cannabis.

Many “marijuana gurus” offer recipes that are very difficult to prepare and that will literally throw all your weed away.

It would be a disgrace!

And above all they don’t teach you how to dose the weed quantities!

With the risk that the taste of the recipes is too strong or not enough.

Cannabis cuisine has evolved beyond basic cookies and brownies and is quickly becoming one of the hottest culinary trends.

This is the best guide you can find, for prepare all kinds of weed recipes during the day and without wasting a single gram.

You will learn to understand the right dosages, for any type of “High level experience” you prefer.


  • What really cannabis is
  • Why it’s a game changer!
  • Effects and Benefits
  • Steps for making edibles
  • How to enjoy edibles without wasting a single gram
  • Basic ingredients for Every day meals

And How to make delicious Cannabis based recipes like:

Delicious Soups

Cocktails and Drinks


And much more!

This guide is perfect for anyone. even if you never take a spoon in your life.

Get your copy now!

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