The cannabis boom is here. States across the country have recently legalized weed, and others like New York are in the works to do the same. They would join mature markets like California that have spent years building their businesses. 

Capita, regulation, growth and oversight are some of the words Americans will be hearing this year as the cannabis industry gets further monetized.

KCRW talks about the marijuana market with David Downs, Senior Editor at 

KCRW: How much has the cannabis industry grown?

David Downs: “It’s grown phenomenally. It’s growing like a weed — 

32% year-over-year growth in 2020 in cannabis, totaling 321,000 full time equivalent jobs now. Those jobs went up 77,000 in 2020. And just as a local example, my barber wants a cannabis job now. 

Compared to the broader economy,…

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