Cannabis referendum: Is proposed legal limit too high?

by Newsfeed

Opponents to cannabis legalisation say the amount people could buy each day would make those with heavy addictions worse.

But those who support it say buying up to 14g of dried weed would be just like any other shopping trip, and would not be used all at once.

It is one of the key areas of debate for those weighing up the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill ahead of next month’s referendum.

The bill that has been put forward is a guide for how legalisation might work, and suggests a daily purchase limit of 14g of dried cannabis or the equivalent of that.

According to research in the United States, that would equal roughly 42 joints.

But if you talk to regular users in New Zealand, they suggest 14g would be more like 20 to 25 joints, if that is the way you consume your weed.

Aaron Ironside, who leads…

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