CBD Oil And Your Health: What Are The Benefits?

by Newsfeed

Medical Applications Of CBD

What medical ailments are known to respond favorably to CBD? Would CBD be helpful in reducing repetitive use injuries and associated pain? Is CBD effective for knee pain from arthritis, or for back pain from disk degeneration? How would a person use it for these ailments, and what evidence backs up the effectiveness of CBD in treating pain? Are there randomized clinical double-blind studies? Finally, can CBD help prevent or mitigate the symptoms of arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and/or diabetes?

CBD is a powerful anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory agent. It also acts as a homeostatic regulator — it organizes the flow of endocannabinoids around your body.

CBD is a stimulator of our serotonin and dopamine receptors, and it affects GABA receptors in our body, increasing its calming…

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