Choosing between pain and a paycheck: how medical marijuana can impact employment

by Newsfeed

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, which creates several complications for Pennsylvanians participating in the state’s legal medical marijuana program.

There are thousands of patients who could benefit from medical marijuana but don’t because they get drug-tested at work. Some companies allow it, while others don’t.

“I was actually emailed a job offer, a benefits package,” said Shellie Schall, a medical marijuana patient from Blairsville.

But that was all taken away when Schall was honest with the company.

“I even told them what it was for, when I used, in the evenings,” said Schall.

Her back issues and PTSD are relieved by medical marijuana. And like many patients, Schall wanted to avoid strong pain killers.

The veteran says she recently…

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