Chorney-Booth: Fresh delivery solutions in the age of social distancing

by Newsfeed

From left: Tianna Going; Jon Karwacki; and Derek Rucki from Inspired Go deliver lunches in Calgary. Jim Wells/Postmedia

Jim Wells/Postmedia

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has left many of us dialing for pizza delivery or throwing an extra bag or two of chips into our grocery baskets, but as the pandemic stretches on, many of us are hankering for something fresh and green. As we limit our trips to the grocery store, fresh produce is often replaced with canned or frozen vegetables, but a few local companies have figured out ways to get fresh veggies to our doorsteps.

In addition to the ever-growing list of restaurants offering takeout menus, plenty of companies are working hard to bring freshly prepared meal replacements to Calgarians either by delivery or curbside pickup….

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