Commercial hemp-growing new industry for Nebraska, but FDA tells consumers ‘buyer beware”” Agriculture News

by Newsfeed

Major issues

So what should consumers know and consider before purchasing CBD products?

“Know that these are drugs. They are biologically active and that means they can create drug-to-drug interactions,” Dering-Anderson replied. “Ask a pharmacist before using them in any form to assure that you don’t get in trouble.”

There are challenges for consumers. One is that CBD causes “significant sedation” and should not be used while driving, she said. The other is the potential for a failed drug test.

Dering-Anderson said there are other concerns, starting with having an employer or someone else actually testing for CBD.

“If that’s what they’re doing, they are going to find it,” she added.

If an employer is testing for THC, they may find traces of it because it is in all hemp-derived CBD products, even a…

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