Dallas City Council member wants to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

by Newsfeed

When Dallas County created a cite-and-release policy in 2017, the goal was to stop jailing people for low-level marijuana offenses. Those with less than 4 ounces of the drug would get a ticket and be sent on their way.

But Dallas police continue booking people into the county jail on misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, and county statistics show that more than 90% of those arrested are Black and Hispanic.

Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot implemented his own policy and has refused to file misdemeanor possession cases against first-time offenders.

Now, Adam Bazaldua wants to put a stop to what he calls wasted taxpayer money and racial inequity. The Dallas City Council member is proposing to decriminalize personal possession of marijuana under 2 ounces, meaning no one would be arrested or cited anymore for that…

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