Despite legalization, cannabis regulations persist

by Newsfeed

MAYA RETER: From The Daily Northwestern, I’m Maya Reter.

CLARE PROCTOR: And I’m Clare Proctor. Welcome to The Ripple, a biweekly podcast on the the effects of state and national politics on the Evanston and Northwestern community. On this week’s episode, we talk about the legalization of cannabis products and how that affects students on Northwestern’s campus.

So for starters, a little bit of background. J.B. Pritzker was elected governor of Illinois in November 2018. One of his primary campaign promises was recreational marijuana legalization.

J.B. PRITZKER: It’s time for Illinois to end marijuana prohibition and enter the 21st century.

CLARE PROCTOR: On June 25, 2019, just over five months after being inaugurated, Pritzker made good on that promise. He signed a bill that legalized recreational…

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