Doug Ford Talking About Weed On Friday Was Hilarious And Even His Staff Thought So

by Newsfeed

If you’re looking for the funniest thing to come out of Ontario’s press briefings this week, look no further: it’s Doug Ford talking about weed.

Discussing on Friday, August 14 how he doesn’t agree with ticketing people for drinking casually in parks right now, the Premier made the comparison to the fact that people are allowed to smoke weed in public.

A joint, a doobie, a reefer, whatever the heck they call it nowadays.

Doug Ford

Asking “who cares” about people enjoying a quiet beer, Ford said: “I wouldn’t want my kids walking by with a bunch of guys smoking cannabis or marijuana.”

Five terms for the drug in one spiel? That’s pretty impressive, even if “doobie” and “reefer” were a bit of a throwback. Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Minister Lisa MacLeod could hardly…

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