Drug use will change significantly in the 2020s – here’s how

by Newsfeed

From dangerous new synthetic drugs to a growing love of psychedelics, this is how our drug use could transform over the coming decade

As a decade, the 2010s brought a lot of changes to drug culture and drug use in the UK and US. The number of people addicted to Xanax and opioids grew – a change we saw reflected in pop culture everywhere, from the lyricism of Soundcloud rap to the protests that Nan Goldin’s art-activist organisation P.A.I.N. staged outside of art galleries. We got more and more adept at ordering our drugs online, and spice emerged as a street drug of choice

According to Professor Adam Winstock, who founded the Global Drug Survey – a huge annual survey that tracks international drug-taking habits across 30 countries around the world – based on the number of people using, the…

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