Editorial: Medical marijuana licensing process draws well-earned fire from GOP lawmakers | Editorial

by Newsfeed

It takes a particularly egregious series of flubs to cause Republican state legislators to rebel against Gov. Mike Parson’s appointees in an election year. The administration’s mishandled rollout of applications for Missouri’s medical marijuana licensing absolutely deserves the shellacking recently delivered by GOP state lawmakers and other critics.

At a hearing last week looking into how the application process went so badly awry, state Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, ripped into program director Lyndall Fraker for the multiple ways the procedures have been botched. Whether it was “ignorance or confusion or incompetence, Director Fraker clearly didn’t have the experience needed in the position,” Taylor said. Fraker was hired after being contacted by Robert Knodell, a top aide to Parson, and Dr. Randall…

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