Evatt family finally play nice after long legal fight over toy museum Leuralla

by Newsfeed

Then it became a mess. Clive Jnr had seven children from two marriages, including the trustee Victor. But Clive Jnr himself died in 2017. Soon after, a caveat was slapped on the property stopping any sale or any other potential changes of ownership. That triggered a raft of legal actions between family members over two generations. And then last month a settlement deal was reached and consent orders dismissed all the claims, cross claims and removed the caveat. Could Easter be saved yet? Lawyers for the parties declined to comment.


Congratulations to Harper Collins, which has landed a $112,000 contract to compile a book for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The National Bushfire Recovery Agency, which is run from PMC, has contracted the publisher to produce a tome that tells the stories of…

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