Camara, an aide to Correia, said he had previously approached the mayor on behalf of a mutual friend, Tony Costa, who wanted Correia to provide a non-opposition letter to Brian Bairos, who had a marijuana cultivation business in Rhode Island and wanted to open a dispensary in Fall River. Correia had agreed to provide the letter, a requirement for state approval, but now wanted something in return, Camara said.

“He was trying to get them to donate to his legal defense fund,” said Camara, 60. He told jurors that Correia stood next to him as he called Costa and whispered to him, “Tell them it’s going to be $100,000.”

“Was this money you were trying to get legitimately?” asked Assistant US Zachary Hafer.

“I tried to keep it legitimate, but no,” Camara said.

Days later, Costa told him…

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