Feeling the heat this summer? Cool down with cannabis

by Newsfeed

Across the states, all-time heat records have been continually overthrown. And as we head deeper into the summer months, these scorching days will only pile up. 

Besides seeking shelter under a thick tree or hopping into an icy shower, consider cannabis as another helpful cooling option. Since it can essentially be infused to any number of products, cannabis’s summertime influence will keep you feeling chilled and refreshed.

Below, check out our tips, tricks, and infused products to help you cool down during the heatwave.

Cooling topicals

Nothing feels more invigorating than slathering refrigerated aloe or lotion onto angry, burnt skin. Even better if they’re infused with healing CBD or THC. If you’re in a pinch and can’t find an infused product near you, add a few drops of infused oil —

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