Five years on: Stakeholders weigh in on Jamaica’s ganja industry | News

by Newsfeed

‘Ganja’, ‘cannabis’, ‘marijuana’, ‘weed’ and ‘herb’ are some of the names for the popularly known plant that has brought international notoriety to Jamaica. Five years after decriminalising the possession of small amounts of ganja, local stakeholders examine the progress made with the establishment of an endemic cannabis industry.

For Verald Vassell, popularly known as ‘Iyah V,’ the benefits of this move have not trickled down to small farmers as much as initially hoped. He lamented that despite the push to incorporate traditional farmers under a pilot programme spearheaded by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF), initial attempts have not been successful.

“From an Orange Hill point of view, the Government had promised us some land but to this day we…

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