From policing to cannabis: former Detroit officer says cannabis ‘saved my life’

by Newsfeed

ANN ARBOR, MI — John McLeod thought he would consume opiates for the rest of his life — until cannabis transformed him.

When he was 7 years old, McLeod said he was the victim of a robbery and decided that when he grew up he would be a police officer to ensure other kids would be safe.

He joined the Detroit Police Department in 1999. While on duty eight years later, the Detroit native’s life changed again.

As he was chasing teenagers through an alley after they broke into a home, McLeod hit a lifted sewer grate and his knee snapped.

“My partner actually called out ‘shots fired, officer down’ because he thought I got shot by the way I dropped and how loud my knee was,” McLeod said.

To help his recovery, he said, doctors “started treating me with opiates. They said, ‘Everything is fine as long as you never…

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