Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Vest

Tested by: Katie Jedlicka Sieve, Project Manager

Running vests are a go-to running accessory when you are heading out for a long run. You need a piece of gear to hold all your extra little things like nutrition, keys, water, and extra layers. But even more than that, you need it to be comfortable and fit your body well. And not all running vests are created equal.

Patagonia’s Slope Runner Endurance Vest is both comfortable and has plenty of storage. The vest is designed like a garment and feels like an extra layer of clothing, rather than a clunky piece of gear.

The vest is unisex with sizing from extra small through large. With an adjustable internal harness, you’ll be able to adjust the fit as needed.

The extra-wide chest pockets in the front of…

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