Eddy collapses on the floor of the emergency department screaming.  “Neurology are expecting us!”  I call to the charge nurse as Ed claws at my face.  He pulls fistfuls of hair off my head as I recite his name, date of birth, NHI and presenting symptoms – “Uncontrolled seizures” I yell through the Perspex window and over Eddy shrieking expletives.  The other parents look on with sympathy at the ensuing mayhem, pulling their children closer. Just in case whatever he has might be catching.

He doesn’t want to be here.  Neither do I.  

Would you like a wheelchair?  Nope! I answer brusquely as I sweep him up into my arms.  He will just throw himself out and do more damage.  “It’s easier like this.” I say marching ahead to the ward to have him sedated.  The nurse…

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