Hemp becomes latest US ‘green gold rush’

by Newsfeed

Brent Cornett was a seventh-generation tobacco grower, running a farm in London, Kentucky before embarking on a radical change of direction four years ago.

“I was growing 120 acres of tobacco, now I grow 180 acres of hemp and zero acres of tobacco,” he explains. “I did it for a couple of reasons. We had had a poor growing season. Prices were static and costs were increasing. It was just not working for us.”

The decision has been good for his farm’s bottom line and allowed Cornett to revive a crop that flourished in Kentucky the state until hemp was classed as a narcotic in 1937. Hemp’s proclaimed health-giving properties has also enabled him to bask in a virtuous glow. “We feel hemp is good for society, it makes you feel proud.”

Hemp is not only the salvation for tobacco farmers in Kentucky. It is a welcome…

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