Hold the alcohol. An intoxicating new marijuana drink may be coming to Michigan

by Newsfeed

Imagine sitting at Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire and sipping from a sudsy mug of craft beer that won’t get you drunk, but will make you smile.

Michigan’s marijuana industry envisions a world where nonalcoholic beers are actually intoxicating — and tasty. That’s because they’d contain THC, the high-inducing compound found in cannabis.

In this new world, booze, juices seltzers, soda and cannabis would collide at bars, party stores, restaurants, concerts or ball games. And that reality may not be too far off.

While the infused drinks remain illegal under Michigan marijuana regulations — and the state Legislature in 2018 banned all alcohol and marijuana concoctions — state licensers indicate they’re looking at making a change.

“At the agency leve,l we are collecting ideas all the time,” Marijuana…

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