House votes for ‘adult’ recreational marijuana, and a plan to tax it

by Newsfeed

The House has voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults.

The bill only allows the already-established “compassion centers” to sell marijuana,and the two “grow centers” for medical marijuana would be allowed to grow it. People would not be allowed to grow their own. Smoking marijuana would also not be allowed in public.

Rep. Todd Porter (R-Mandan) told the House he likes this approach better that measures to “decriminalize” marijuana possession – because of those controls in place.

“You aren’t going to get a parking ticket walking down Main Street, smoking a joint,” Porter told the House. “You’re going to pick the stuff up, in a controlled environment, and you’re going to take it to your home. You’re not going to be sitting down in Riverside Park, smoking weed.”

Rep. Bill Tveit…

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