How actor Brian Cox went from avoiding cannabis ‘like the plague’ to getting high regularly after being holed up with two teenagers

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Weed, which the 74-year-old enjoyed at day’s end, helped take the edge off. “So cannabis at the end of the day was very nice,” he said.

Although all his family members tested negative for coronavirus, Cox told the publication that he believes he contracted the virus at the end of 2019 when he visited Scotland and afterwards “had these sneezing fits.”

Cannabis was not always part of Cox’s life, having “avoided it like the plague” until he turned 50 and found that marijuana helped him “wind down at the end of a hectic day,” according to the Times.

“I found cannabis fantastic to focus the day’s events and prepare me for the best night’s sleep imaginable.” / Photo: Watcha / iStock / Getty Images Plus Photo by / Photo: Watcha / iStock / Getty Images Plus

“I was doing a…

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