How are co-working spaces WeWork and Awfis recovering from WFH jolt? WeWork and Awfis have started day pass services

by Newsfeed

Contrary to the Coronial culture of working from home, co-working space and service providers like WeWork and Awfis, need people to return to offices.

Work from home (WFH) is unarguably the biggest COVID era shift in the way people work. While it is, in a way, a necessity for companies to operate both seamlessly and sustainably, it is detrimental to the interests of the co-working industry, which needs people to work in/from their offices.

Co-working startups, like WeWork, Awfis, etc., offer flexible office spaces and amenities to companies and individuals. The flexibility is in terms of duration, locations, payments, other than space and amenities required.

The target audience ranges from large enterprises to individual freelancers. The fear of the Coronavirus and then the subsequent lockdown strained cash flows of…

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