How Texas Can Do What California Won’t: Get Cannabis Regulation Right

by Newsfeed

By Matt Hawkins, founder of Entourage Effect Capital.

Like every other state in the Union that hasn’t enacted laws legalizing medicinal and/or adult use cannabis, the State of Texas has a robust but illicit cannabis market which needs to be converted to a regulated and taxed industry. In fact, if the state were to go fully legal, the market would rapidly climb to in excess of $3 billion a year, according to Arcview Market Research, which tracks the U.S. marijuana industry.

To put that into perspective, Texas’s market is projected to be almost as big as the current California market, and bigger than all other states in the Union. But today, it is as an unregulated, untaxed wild-west bazaar, which drains billions of dollars from our state and puts thousands behind bars, costing us even more.

There is a…

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