I'm manicuring Zkittles Glue cannabis buds to get them ready for curing!

by Cannabis Reviewer

It’s another exciting week of growing! We are in the final days of my 2020 Summer Grow Vlog! My Zkittles Glue cannabis plant has dried enough and is ready for the final manicuring and curing. The wet trimming I did was a success. I didn’t have to do as much trimming after she dried out. And she dried out a little faster than just leaving most of the leaves on. It makes sense that it would dry out quicker to me.

I didn’t get the yield I would like. But no worries! I’ve learned so much this growing season. I did a few firsts at the same time…. 1st scrog. 1st proper use of the Fox Farm Nutrients. 1st flushing nutes out of my plants. A lot of firsts.

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This is The Cannabis Reviewer. And as I always say….. Happy Smoking!