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iSnuff Stash Jar Pro Smell Proof Container Discreet Herb Airtight Container

to Keep Spices, Coffee & Teas Fresh for Months

iSnuff Stash Jar Pro Smell Proof Container (Black) is designed to protect your privacy with a discreet, sleek, and stylish design. The jar is made of high borosilicate glass and comes with a silicon rubber cover which blocks harmful UV rays from entering inside the jar and destroying its contents & to withstand cracks, breaks, and shattering! Each jar comes equipped to preserve the freshness of your goods for months and keep them from drying out. In addition, the jar holds up to a quarter ounce of your favorite items you want to store, including; dried foods, herbs, spices, coffee, and teas.

We know that storing your herbs correctly is paramount to keeping these important ingredients fresh and free of moisture for longer. We really do care that you get the most from this product and we have developed a jar that is both aesthetic and ensures the freshness and taste of your herbs, tea, coffee, and spices.

What Is In The Package:

1x High-end Stash Jar

1x Silicon Rubber Cover

1x Gift Box

Store & Stash




Dried Foods



Essential oils


rounded arc jar

rounded arc jar

small micro tiny spoon

small micro tiny spoon

high end spoon

high end spoon

Rounded Arc Angels

Feel comfortable, with a unique and stylish design. Stash your goods at home or in the office.

Aluminum Lid

The lid is made from 6063 A-class aluminum, in addition to the new seal ring we have developed to get an airtight, fresh smell proof stash jar.

Heavy Caliber

Easy to pick up, store, and clean.

This is the stash jar you need.








★ Keeps Contents Fresh for Months with Stash Jar Pro – The premium Glass Protection & Silicon Rubber Case preserves your herbs, spices, coffee & teas and keeps them fresh for months.
★ Smell Proof Airtight Seal Locks in All Smells – Have full confidence knowing that the smell proof containers and airtight lids lock in all scents and smells.
★ Discrete Jar and Box Design – Our subtle and discreet container design provides premium protection without revealing the contents in your jars and protecting your privacy. The jar kit comes inside a professional-looking gift box making it the perfect gift to treat yourself or your friends.
★ Silicon Rubber Case – We’re also including a silicone case in each of these jars! It allows you to separate your jar into two compartments and store your stash safely away from sunlight.
★ Volume Capacity – 280ML (9.4 fluid oz) and will hold a half ounce (1/2 oz) or more of dried herbs.
Price: $19.99
(as of May 08,2021 22:27:34 UTC – Details)