June 7, 2020 – Times-Standard

by Newsfeed

Stop the demonization and stereotyping of cops now

A few cops killed a man. And they have been arrested and are in custody awaiting trial. The wheels of justice are in motion. Since then law enforcement officers have been beaten by the mob, run over with vehicles, stabbed, shot and two black officers were murdered.

Now the mob is calling for law enforcement to be defunded or even abolished. So if we follow these foolish agendas, how will this work? Someone breaks into your home, or threatens the safety of your family, or someone is robbing you. Who would you call? A social worker, a community activist or your analyst? These same people want to disarm us, so we can’t defend ourselves.

Bottom line, we need law enforcement. And painting all officers with the same brush you use on the four who are sitting in jail now…

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