Major marijuana website bans advertisements from black-market companies in Michigan

by Newsfeed

LANSING, MI — It doesn’t take advanced detective skills to find black-market marijuana in Michigan. Just run an internet search.

They advertise openly online. Within a few minutes, MLive was able to reach by phone three listed marijuana dispensaries in Detroit that do not have medical marijuana provisioning center licenses, according to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency website’s license search tool and active facility map.

Until late last month, an owner of one of those unlicensed marijuana businesses in Detroit said customers could place orders for delivery using Weedmaps.

Weedmaps is one part Craigslist, one part Uber Eats. It allows you to order marijuana with the click of a mouse and have various products — marijuana flower, vaping cartridges, edibles, marijuana concentrate — delivered to your front…

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