Marijuana Sales Increase During COVID-19 Crisis

by Newsfeed

SACRAMENTO, Calif.– Since the shelter-in place order people have been stocking up on all sorts of items – toilet paper, food staples, hand sanitizer and now, marijuana. 

At the Sacramento recreational marijuana dispensary Perfect Union, sales are at an all-time high and this year, it’s not because of 4/20. Each day, over a thousand people are standing in line waiting to buy cannabis products. 

April 20th has always been a busy time for dispensaries but for David Spradlin, the CEO of Perfect Union, sales have dramatically increased since the shelter-in-place order. 


“In an almost 11-year history, we’ve had eight record breaking days in the last month,” Spradlin says. 

Selling over-the-counter weed during this pandemic is considered an essential service in California. Spradlin…

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