Medical marijuana sales begin in St. Louis County; patients line up at two licensed dispensaries | Marijuana

by Newsfeed

He disagreed that the program was quickly implemented.

“It took way too long, and obviously there were a lot of shenanigans that delayed people from getting medicine,” he said. “In a capitalistic society, why would you limit the number of businesses — growers, delivery, testing facilities? If you are a small-government type of person, why would you want to make that harder?”

Missouri voters approved the sale of medical marijuana in November 2018. Many businesses that applied for licenses were declined.

Some of the medical marijuana being sold here Saturday was cultivated by Archimedes Medical Holdings, according to a product label, which is based in Perryville, Missouri. It’s one of just a few licensed cultivators in the state that has produced marijuana, had it tested and brought to market, said Clay…

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