Meet Michelle Rabin, the Weed-Baking Secret Star of Matty Matheson’s Show

by Newsfeed

Read the comments beneath an episode of Just a Dash on YouTube and you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t Matty Matheson’s cooking show. “Michelle is killing it out here.” “I would die for Michelle.” “I have fallen hopelessly in love with Michelle.” “I have a massive crush on Michelle.” “I beg you, more of Michelle.” Or most typically: “WE NEED MORE MICHELLE!!!” Matheson may be the celebrity chef who actually hosts the popular online food show, but as far as the fans are concerned, it’s really his assistant and food stylist Michelle Rabin who’s the secret star.

Michelle Rabin is the underdog sidekick and low-key hero of Just a Dash, and she’s slowly emerged as a beloved fan favourite for good reason. As she puts it, she’s one of the only people willing to call the boisterous…

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