Mel Buttle’s brutal take on Brisbane suburbs: THE FULL LIST

by Newsfeed

Comedian Mel Buttle threw out a challenge on Twitter recently: “Tweet me a Brisbane suburb and I’ll encapsulate its essence.””

So far, she’s had more than 100 submissions for suburbs.

Want to know what Mel thinks of where you live? Here’s the full list.


ACACIA RIDGE: Very large dogs. Electric front gates. Good fruit shops.

ALBANY CREEK: Teacher aides live in this suburbs. Still doing chunky blonde foils. Ride on movers for no reason in AC.

ALBION: Noisy. St Margaret’s girl drinking lattes. Not quite Clayfield too much hi vis.

ALDERLEY: Northside Nannas live here, old fat cattle dogs, feels like it would have a great cafe, it doesn’t.

ANNERLEY: Needs a dog park. Raves about Cafe O Mai too much.

ARANA HILLS: Really happy about the Taco Bell…

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