National Recovery Month: Miley Cyrus decided to sober up after divorcing Liam Hemsworth

by Newsfeed

Trust Miley Cyrus to have the conversations that many cannot have. The singer is a trailblazer in her own right, paving her own path with her raspy voice, influencing millions with her musical talent, style and just unabashedly being herself. Fame came earlier to her, just like all Disney artists, and along came a lot of scrutinies where her every move was dissected by fans and the media. However, Miley has continued to push along on her path and with time has only become more open with her audiences, letting them in on everything that affects her — her divorce (which she claimed felt like death), sexuality, as well as her decision to avoid recreational drugs, alcohol and even harder substances. 

Miley’s decision to be sober came after she divorced husband Liam Hemsworth after over 10 years of being together,…

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