Nebraska families who battle with epilepsy push for medical marijuana

by Newsfeed

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – After the Nebraska Supreme Court threw out a petition drive to legalize medical marijuana, supporters have gone back to Plan A.

Supporters of medical marijuana want to make sure lawmakers know how much support this has in their district.

“We are here to beg lawmakers to help write sensible laws to help our son and the hundreds of people we’ve met who can benefit from cannabis,” said Nicole Hochstein.

Nicole Hochstein son suffers from epilepsy.

“My son Jayen doesn’t have time to wait for another ballot initiative. His seizures are debilitating and each one puts him at risk for sudden death from epilepsy,” said Nicole.

Two other Nebraskan children, Colton Eggers and Will Gillen also struggle with epilepsy. Their parents believe medical cannabis could limit suffering and improve quality of…

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