New recreational marijuana dispensary on University street

by Newsfeed

Nick Vlahos
| Journal Star

PEORIA — A new era might be coming soon regarding recreational-cannabis availability in one section of North Peoria.

The University Square Shopping Center has been proposed for the site of a new cannabis dispensary. NuEra Cannabis would operate the dispensary in the strip mall near the northwest corner of Glen Avenue and University Street.

Formerly known as NuMed, NuEra operates three other dispensaries in Illinois, including one at 504 Riverside Drive in East Peoria. Recreational and medicinal pot and cannabis products are sold there.

But the proposed Peoria facility would be intended for recreational sales only, according to Laura Jaramillo, the NuEra director of special projects.

“We started with a very medical focus,” Jaramillo said. “We now have transitioned to adult use.”

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