Pain for local consumers as tomato prices go over the roof : The Standard

by Newsfeed Tomato prices have skyrocketed in the past two months, forcing Kenyans to dig deeper into their pockets to enjoy a well flavoured meal.
A spot-check by The Standard around Nairobi estates revealed just how tomato prices have increased uncontrollably.
One tomato in Lucky Summer estate, for instance, goes for between Sh15 and Sh20. This is from from Sh5 and Sh10 in December.
“It’s really frustrating to buy a tomato for Sh15 or Sh20,” said Lucy Wambua, a resident of Lucky Summer.
“We are even considering doing away with them to save costs considering we’re also struggling with prices of other household items.”
Most egg and sausage vendors in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) are also complaining about tomato prices.

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